Pradeep kumar

 Following is my bio-data for marriage.

 Name who Want to Marry :: Pradeep kumar

Your Address  :: 2-1-56 peddabazar golbangla armoor dist:nizamabad talangana india

Mobile No.  :: 9000800035

Email ::

Profile For  :: Self

Gender  :: Male

Eating :: only vegetarian food

Your Education :: 10th Class

What are You Doing? :: Business

More Detail who Want to Marry  :: Doing our own businness which is established by our grandfather well setled god grace now every thing is fine before in my marrital life got some of problems now every thing is fine.ihave two sisters they got married & my parents together just need an orphan girl for marriage for she gets parents like me.

Your Age :: 29

Marital Status :: Divorced,

Your Height :: 5.3

Your Health :: Physically Fit

Marital Status :: Divorced,