HIV Positive Marriage bureau

Every person who came in this earth, has right to live his life full enjoy and fun. I think married life is more happy for HIV Positive People. Because when two HIV Positive people will marry, life will more easy for them. They can take part for helping other partner. They can easily forget the pain of this disease. Moreover happiness will cure this disease in future naturally. As per naturopathy, stress is main issue this disease. If people will start to live today life today. This disease can be cured within one month. After marriage, partner can help to each other to live today life today. So, marriage is also best solution for this.

From this hope, I started HIV Positive Marriage bureau. You can  register your profile at our organisation Krantikari. After registering through following form, we will publish your profile at Krantikari online website. Same profile will be available 24 hours and 7 days in 12 months. There are lots of other HIV Positive will search this website. Many of them educated, unmarried and searching their match as per your desire. We hope,  anyone who like your profile, will surely call you for making you as his life partner.  We want to see you happy. We wish, you will soon get your match at this site.

 Approximately 2  million people in India are HIV positive and among which many of them are still unmarried. It is definitely a noble thought to unite two souls who are suffering with the same problem. Being HIV positive does not mean that the the life is about to end. There is still way long and HIV positive Marriage bureau  can definitely bring happiness to the lives of HIV positive people.

We take one time registration fees which is Rs. 1000. After deposit one time registration fees, we will register your full bio-data in our marriage bureau register and profile will be public for reading by second party who will create interest in you.  If you want to register your name and bio-data in this marriage bureau, please call at our mobile no. 9356234925 . Thanks