Handicapped Marriage Bureau

Every person who came in this earth, has right to live his life full enjoy and fun. I think married life is more happy for physically handicapped people. Because when two handicapped people will marry, life will more easy for them. They can take part for helping other partner. They can easily forget the pain of their disability.

From this hope, I started handicapped marriage bureau. You can support us by registering your profile at our organisation Krantikari. After registering through following form, we will publish your profile at Krantikari online website. Same profile will be available 24 hours and 7 days in 12 months. There are lots of patriotic community came in this site. Many of them educated, unmarried and searching their match. We hope,  anyone who like your profile, will surely call you for making you as his life partner.

Good Advice for Physically Fit

All those who are physically fit should come forward for marry with physically handicapped because

1. If there will happen an accident and you will become physically handicapped , will your life partner leave you? No, it means, marriage is the partnership of love, sacrifice  and trust not just physically attraction. So, come and make difference for marry with handicapped.

2. Physically handicapped people have also beautiful heart. Try, you will get a beautiful life partner. Make an example for others inspiration and motivation.

We take one time registration fees which is Rs. 2000. After deposit one time registration fees, we will register your full bio-data in our marriage bureau register and website and profile will be public all time  for reading by second party who will create interest in you. After successful marriage, you have to give rest fees.  Thanks