Marriage Bureau in Ludhiana

Welcome in Our Marriage Bureau in Ludhiana,


Aim of Our Marriage Bureau in Ludhiana

1. To find the match for your life who is patriotic and educated.

2. To stop matching through kundli. Marriage is good relationship between two soul and it should be on the basis of their thoughts. If both candidates’ thoughts are matching with each other. There is no need of any kundli.

3. To improve the marriage system. The money which is wasted in marriage can be used for India’s development.

4. We are against caste because our identity is that we are all Indians.

5. We respect all religion because religion teaches us to protect humanity at any cost.

6. To help our community through this is also part of our mission.

7. Please send your picture with your name at our email

Advice : We are against killing of animals. If you are non-veg., please leave it because before protection of nation, protection of animal is important.