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Name who Want to Marry :: Manisha 

Your Address :: West singhbhum

Gender :: Female 

Eating :: non-vegetarian ( We can request him to become Veg. by sending him must read  Book - Why should not Eat Non-Veg.?)

Your Education :: Post Graduation 

What are You Doing? :: Not Applicable

More Detail who Want to Marry :: Me

Your Age :: 27

Marital Status :: Never Married,

Your Height :: 4'11

Your Health :: Physically Fit

Set your Partner Preferences & find the right Matches :: 

Commitment and stability

Age of your Partner :: 28-37

Height of your Partner :: 5'2 -5'10

Religion of your Partner :: Christian

Education of your Partner :: Post Graduation

Which Book Do You Read? :: English

Marital Status :: Never Married