About Us

Welcome to Krantikari Marriage Bureau, where love meets revolution.  Our journey commenced in the year 2013. It is Most Successful Indian Matrimonial Website. Trusted by  Indian Brides & Grooms globally. 

Moreover, We are not just another matchmaking platform; we are the catalysts of change in the world of matrimony. As a dynamic and forward-thinking company, we have reimagined the art of matchmaking to create something truly unique. Our mission is to redefine togetherness, just as we redefine traditional norms.

Our Vision:

Krantikari Marriage Bureau is not your ordinary marriage service. We aspire to be the world's first 'togetherness' company, where love knows no boundaries and revolutionizes the way people find their life partners. Our vision extends beyond just matrimonial alliances; we aim to build a world where love unites hearts and minds, breaking barriers, and fostering lasting connections.

Our Impact:

With an unwavering commitment to love, we have already transformed the lives of people. Krantikari Marriage Bureau has played a pivotal role in helping over individuals discover their life partners, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of  people globally. Our impact speaks volumes about the trust and innovation that define us.

Awards and Recognition:

Krantikari Marriage Bureau has garnered numerous accolades, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the industry. We have been honored as the Most Trusted Matchmaking Platform and counted among the world’s  Most Innovative Companies, sharing the limelight with tech giants. Additionally, our brand has been acknowledged as one of the world’s most engaging.

Our Foundation:

People are at the heart of Krantikari Marriage Bureau, and we believe in putting their needs first. Our parent company, Krantikari Pvt. Ltd, serves as the foundation of our commitment to fostering meaningful connections. 

Innovation and Technology:

At Krantikari Marriage Bureau, we embrace the power of technology to transform lives positively. We continually push the boundaries of conventional matchmaking by leveraging social network technologies to solve global-scale challenges. Our culture thrives on innovation, and we proudly revolve around our users, ensuring their journey to love is marked by progress, diversity, and revolution.

Join us on this journey, as we redefine love, togetherness, and the future of matchmaking. At Krantikari Marriage Bureau, we are more than just a company; we are the revolutionaries of love, the way for a brighter and more inclusive future.