Name who Want to Marry :: Gayatri

Your Address :: Pune For Getting her full address, please Upgrade Your Premium Plan

Mobile No. :: For Getting his Mobile No., please Upgrade Your Premium Plan

Email :: For Getting his email , please Upgrade Your Premium Plan

Profile For :: Self 

Gender :: Female 

Eating :: only vegetarian food

Your Education :: Post Graduation 

What are You Doing? :: Business

More Detail who Want to Marry :: orphans

Your Age :: 34

Marital Status :: Divorced

Your Height :: 5.1

Your Health :: Physically Fit

Age of your Partner :: 35 to 40

Height of your Partner :: 5.4 to 6

Religion of your Partner :: Brahmin

Education of your Partner :: Post Graduation

Detail of Your Business or Profession or Job :: I am editor in reputed

Which Book Do You Read? :: informative